Monday, July 11, 2011

Confessions Of The Naked Blogger Part 3


I hurry to grab my laptop and find a place where I could check my blog, website, and do all the stuff I do to take my freelancing life to a higher level.

Temptation lives in my pc, because when I start, I'm able to stay on for more than 24hours, typing, writing, learning. I am amazed at how exciting the world of social media is and all it's possibilities.

A few close friends at work told me I lost weight. That is a good thing though I mean I have been exercising and counting calories.

I don't really tell them how I managed to lose weight spending all my free time on my pc.

I was tempted to blow my cover earlier when I overheard a co-worker comment "I don't think you would earn as much when you freelance. It's nice working at home but that sounds kinda lazy."

From my cubicle I imagined sending an invisible laser beam that would zap her--- enlighten her. It wasn't worth it. Guarding my secret passion for freelancing was a priority.

A few months back a co-worker who dared to choose freelancing over cubicle work was told "What makes you think you'd make it? Unless you're an expert in programming or the next Bill Gates I wouldn't risk the steady income that you have here."

The dream destroyers. You know the type? Steer clear of them and guard your passions. Well you know what I mean. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it, because you can.

I see my Boss walking in the distance. I feel an urge to say "I am the naked blogger and yes I have the audacity to dream and live it!."

Not yet. Until my debts are paid off I must maintain a nothing-but-average-cubicle-employee identity.

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