Sunday, July 3, 2011

Best Investment I made!

Putting up this Blog took a long time. There were so many different thoughts, different ideas. Somehow it didn’t feel right.

Then a few weeks back, I started to learn all I could about putting up a Home-Based Business. I had an account on a site for Freelancers. I kept feeling strongly that there was something more I could do, something inside that I wanted to do.

My light-bulb moment.

Freelancing offered unique opportunities. I kept telling people about it asking. I wanted to know all I could. Did you have to be a programmer? What if you were not really a writer?

  • Find your Niche. Something that you enjoy doing. Then do all you can to improve.

One of the best things I learned watching and studying the lives of those who have achieved tremendous success is to learn Listen To my Instincts.

Now it's time to do the leg work. It's easy to say we want to succeed, are we willing to focus and put in the time?

Best Investment I made is to invest in myself. Instead of using the extra time I had pursuing other things, I went out to learn all I could.

We all can create the life we want and live it. What helped me in the process of transforming my thoughts is the belief that everything that happened in my life, and it happened for a higher purpose.

I used to listen to those little voices of doubt. Up until recently, my inner conversation did not entirely reflect my outer optimism and all my beliefs.

• If you have a dream, a goal, guard it, focus on it, visualize it, see it happen. 

I made a commitment to do something every day that would help me move towards my goals. From finding the best resources on the web, researching, reading, getting training, learning a new skill, HTML, SEO, tech lingo, learning to use new tools, different software.

My biggest investment so far is time and energy. I used to think that not having extra money to invest held me down.

I realized what kept me stuck was a limiting belief I had. I did not see the resources that were available to me, in the past I focused on what I did not have.

I took stock of my work experience. The best education I received was the lessons and experiences that life has taught me.

My mom raised me and my sister by herself. When my dad walked out, she did her best. It was difficult to find a good job, being a single mother with two kids. Looking back I am amazed how my mom was able to feed us, send us to school, pay rent, light and water. During those times she earned the equivalent of $47 a month, sometimes less than that. Money was not the only thing we dealt with. I made a decision early in my life to do all I could to make life better.

o Our circumstances do not determine the quality of our lives, we do. 

Things could have gone differently had I chosen differently.

Find mentors, it helps. People who achieved success in their own lives. They’ve done it. We can too.
One story that I found inspiring was about the Millionaire Mommy Next Door, Jen Smith. She went from earning minimum wage as a waitress to millionaire at the age of 40.

Thoughts to keep:
o Be very clear about your goals.
o Invest in yourself. It is our business to improve the quality of our lives.
o Believe in you, in your dreams.

What do you want to achieve?
Are you willing to make that commitment and investment on yourself?

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