Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Someone Blog-napped The Naked Blogger.

The web is huge. You know how you start out thinking you know something but then you don't really learn it until you do?

Lesson for me today.

Woke up knowing I had time to work on my blog and check my website.
Posted an article the other day which had the title The Millionaire Secret Of The Naked Blogger.

Should have known something weird was going on when I logged in. I was working on it a bit when it took me to another page. Checked the URL it was one I did not recognize. Went back to my blog, checked the HTML it now had a different code. Tried to delete it, and poof!

My work got deleted.

Now I know that we will encounter different types of people. I guess I should be flattered. I had a couple of other older blogs and that never happened.

Thought you guys ought to know. I notice some are repeat visitors. Thank you for dropping by. I cannot help but feel a bit sad though. The naked blogger was a post I enjoyed working on.

Today I am taking online self defense classes. Learning how to protect ourselves from blog-nappers, hackers is an important lesson indeed.

My take away:

Keep Your Logins Secure.
Choose a stronger password and keep them safe.
Back up your work constantly.
Automate the back-ups that way you have a copy.
Learn to protect your work early.
In my case I learned after.
Get help. Ask other bloggers.
Type in key words like keeping your blog safe and you get a lot of bloggers who are experts at keeping their work safe.

Now a lot of bloggers choose to use wordpress. I have gotten the same advice today. There are a lot of plugins that you can use to keep your work safe. Learning as I blog. Blogging it as I learn.

You know, I'm pretty sure The Naked Blogger will turn up one day.

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