Monday, July 18, 2011

Confessions Of The Naked Blogger 4

I'm sorry, because I have been wanting to post this sooner yet the demands of my day job seemed to have increased overnight.

My multi tasking skill tripled because of that, which is a good thing because when you're freelancing you need to be able to juggle. Really well. Thinking is another thing.

This morning I was running dangerously close to being late. I showered quickly, changed, ran out, and remembered that I needed to put face moisturizer because my face felt dry.
In the cab I noticed that the moisturizer I put on my face smelled kinda funny, felt a bit odd too.
I realized that I applied lotion on face, and put face moisturizer on my hand. They probably work the same way. Do they? You ever thought that maybe it could just be a marketing strategy...

Note to self: Make sure to put Bengay  in a separate drawer, and lock it. Just in case.
Got to work and checked the memos and updates. One of my colleagues asked me if I heard what had happened to she-who-cannot-be-named.
24 hours is enough time for someone to turn from corporate-rat to corporate-roadkill. Stories flying around was that she had no idea what hit her.
The office was once again alive with new rumors. Apparently miss road kill went vicious and viral on facebook. They were talking about her latest posts and how everyone was running around more paranoid than usual. 
  • Out think
  • Out play
  • Out Last
Corporate life the Survivor series. Darn if only they added Out sleep...

I check my inbox and see a reminder for the tribal council/meeting. Imagine seeing your bosses gathering in the boardroom with their torches, deciding the fate of yet another corporate rat/roadkill. The tribe has spoken...

In the animal kingdom Bosszilla is king. He ate the lion.

You don't want to be dinner do you?

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