Monday, July 4, 2011

Confessions Of A Part Time Freelancer 2

I wonder if my days working behind the cubicle are numbered. After my post about Bosses using Twitter and other social networking sites as their personal paging system, the thought came to me.

Rumor were flying around in our department, that one of the managers got booted out because he defied the Bosses whims.. Err --command, directive.

They say that for whatever reason, since there was definitely different versions.  This person really was no longer working with us, and a few who told me about it said "it's a good thing. He can now rest and spend more time with his family."

I find it interesting that rather than face the truth and say it as it is. People come up with ways to "soften the blow".
He's gone but that's a good thing. More vacation time.

Let's face it. If we work in an office, there's a certain order that has to be followed. Bosses where the head of state.

Perhaps I should start with this line in my next post --

In the kingdom of Bossdom in the land far far away... 

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