Sunday, July 3, 2011

Confessions Of A Part-Time Freelancer

I always thought one day I would write a Blog exposing deep dark secrets. Not mine. My opinion is, it's only fun when those secrets are not yours.

Life at the office has not given me a lot of juicy material to work with. I have been tempted to write about other people's lives. That would however, make me a gossip. A secret Gossip. Except it won't be so secret since my friends know my identity.

Office life would be dull and unexciting if it were not for the mini-scandals that would shake our world every now and then. Life at our cubicles would be less fun without those.

If I were to suffer a nervous breakdown I would do that. Then I would have to go into some sort of witness protection program if I did that. On second thought though, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Google, etc. There is always this sense, at anytime someone could go in send something that would go Viral in seconds.

A couple of questions:

Does your Boss have a Habit of sending Bulk SMS messages?
Does he use Twitter or use any of the Social Networking sites as his personal paging system?

Any thoughts on that?

Catch you guys later. I have to head back to the world of cubicles, coffee breaks, phone calls, meetings, and making sure that I have read and "understood" all the memos that has been sent out.

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