Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Teasing My Brain, Blogging With Passion!

Have you ever been stuck in traffic feeling too bored to even care that you were?

Do you believe that events in our lives are interconnected?
One moment sets off the other. 

It happened that way.
I saw the phrase The four eggs on the back of a black SUV.

They were big, bold, and seemed to be taunting me.
Teasing my brain. 
Well, they didn’t really. I only imagined they did.
"We have a secret"

“The Four Eggs “ grabbed my attention.
Maybe it’s a movie… Political movement?  New website?

Picture my brain cells in a furious frenzy, moving so fast trying to solve the mystery posed by the four eggs.

Whoever came up with that line must've had a point.  
Something profound perhaps. It couldn't just be that.
Could it? Sheesh.

I got to work and my mind was stuck, like a bumper sticker on a car!
Distracted yet surprisingly, I felt awake through a boring meeting.

I did the only thing I could. I went straight to my desk and started to write.

My hands were typing fast, pounding, hard. I wanted to let it all out.

The words of the four eggs
No matter what your goals are, whether it be to earn money, find a new career, become a good writer…

Find your voice. Sing your truth. 
If you aren't being authentic, they'll smell it.
Humans have a sharp nose for fakeness.

Learn to listen for your truth too. When you write read it out loud. Is it you? If it is, let it go.
Over thinking kills that glorious little kid called imagination.

Write. Write even more.
When not writing, imagine yourself writing.

Don't stop because it gets better, you and your writing will.  

You will notice a rhythm the more you write, because the more you write the more fluid you become.

Be passionate about what you do, and write about your passions.

Deal with the rest of your life. 

Deal with it, because if you don't the focus of your writing will be your dead cat, or all the shoulda-woulda-coulda baggage in your closet.
Freelancing is a business. Not an escape from reality.
It's work. It requires commitment. The perk is you work for yourself.
You’ll be doing what you love doing, fulfilling your hearts desire.

Learn. Learn from the best. Be inspired by their work, and all yourself  to be driven by your craft.
Never ever stop learning.

Read. Reflect. Listen. Read again. 

Humans are built to evolve. Expanding our world, reality, and breaking our limits.
Read different blogs, see different styles, voices, and influence. Allow life to teach us, or learn from the internet, books, lots of free e-books, free audio books, TV, news, social media, blogs. We have all the resources we need to succeed. 

Some of my favorites

There's a lot more, and you have your own list. It’s a personal journey.  Don’t forget to have fun, and enjoy all the new experiences you will have, and where ever this journey will lead you --

  • Be inspired and find inspiration everywhere. 
  • Share and be a source of learning too.
  • When faced with challenges don't give up, because you are stronger than you think.

Remember words are powerful. It can move us. Affect us.
When you find your voice, don't forget to find your purpose too.

Hey, It worked!
I unscrambled my thoughts and cracked those eggs.

Wisdom from a bumper sticker. Did that ever happen to you?
Don't be a brain tease.
Pass the learning, because you never know who you help.

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