Saturday, July 2, 2011

How To Shift From Career Mindset To Business Mindset

OK. I have to be really honest here. Yes I have been reading and learning about blogging, freelancing, social media marketing, coaching, online projects, and how people made it happen. It's inspiring to see success all around and people moving towards the direction of their dreams.

In my day job, I work in a company that offers customer service to big companies.
I started with high goals and was really idealistic. Now it seems my passion to be at work is fading.

Do you ever feel that way? Like there's something so much more you could do?

Toying with the idea of being a freelancer, I decided to give it a try. In my free time I would go online and search for Part-Time projects I could work on. I sent out applications for any job I could take. My goal was to gain experience.

You have all the resources you need in order to succeed.
It's a matter of changing perspectives.
Consider being a Freelancer because that would mean owning your own business and managing your own time.There's a lot of things you can learn if you choose to.

Know what's right for you 

"Don't bite off more than what you could chew".
When you have so much passion and you want to really build your freelancing skills, there is a tendency to overestimate what you could do. I did and I learned my lesson. Freelancing is a business, and it works because building good relationship with the client means referral, word of mouth, and repeat business.


Build your social media profile through Facebook, Twitter, LinkID, Digg, Blogs. Meet and talk to people. I spend my time checking out blogs, websites, subscribing to newletters, eBooks, all of these are free. Building a network will help you see how other people started, and what they did to succeed. It's important to learn to network because this skill helps you expand your opportunities.

Learn To Manage Your Finances 

This is where I'm at. Most people say they don't like the 'uncertainty' of being a freelancer. It's good to have clear goals at the beginning. Ask yourself what you want to achieve and make the decision to do all you can to make that happen, because the power of your mind will propel to the right path for you. Learn to listen to your passion. What is it? 

Confidence and Exposure

Treat Freelancing as a business. You will be talking with prospective clients, the key is confidence. If you have limiting beliefs then now is the time to release them and make a choice to break through all of those beliefs that held you back. Find a good coach and mentor because there are things you can do to build the self confidence you need.

Expose yourself, check out fanpages, website, posts comments, write a blog. Prospective clients won't know what you can do until you let them know.

Keep a good perspective 

Take the bumps as a process of growing. Then keep moving. Keep sending those applications, work on your resume, and work on improving your skills. My strengths are Marketing, Client Liaison, Coaching, Mentoring, Public Relations, and Social Media. Knowing what you don't know helps because you can now decide what skills and knowledge you want to work on. 

If you're reading this and thinking maybe..
That's good.because questions guide you to make the right decisions.

Imagine yourself doing the job you're doing now for the rest of your life, well? 

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