Saturday, July 2, 2011

Geeked Out Coffee's Not Working

I’m officially unplugging myself from the web. I have been doing a lot Research and upgrading my skills, pushing my brain. Been on the net for 20 hours straight.

Right now, my brain is wide awake my eyes are heavy.

I’m officially geeked-out-I-feel-like-passing-out-on-the-keyboard.

Learnings for the day:

Putting up a website and blog takes serious work.
Learned more about SEO and how it works, internet marketing, HTML basics for Bloggers and WordPress.
Expand Social Networking. When your website or Blog is up, Social networking will really help promoting those.
Upgrading skills means Upgrading tools, and software. I’m reviewing which tools I can use to help me work faster and smarter.
Learned more about Freelancing, effective blog set up for SEO’s. I found that there are those who have different views. Some say set blog up to target the web crawlers and others say you don’t really have to. If a blog has good content that is good, take it from there.
Found out what you can do that would have Google ban you from Adsense. (I should have read that one this sooner)
No matter how much coffee you drink — you will still get sleepy.

Two different blog personalities. The other one’s personal. The other one is more business. Difficult trying to share these things with the people around me. When I try and I start raving about all the exciting stuff that’s happening, they give me a funny look.

There’s just so much potential that’s untapped in the internet. All we have to do is see it.

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